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About - Clean My Forks

  • Why create this?

    I had way to many forked repos that were just sitting there doing nothing but taking up space. The only way to delete them was one by one manually so instead to save time I created this tool.

  • Why should I delete my forked repositores?

    Please go and read th is explanation.

  • How does this work?

    You generate a GitHub token that provides us access to your account with permissions, the token is then used to get a list of all the token user's forked repositories, then we delete them all for you when you click the delete button. Pretty simple.

  • What will be deleted?

    This tool will delete only your personal account's forked repos. It will ignore any forked repos by an organization you own or an apart of.

  • You erased my important forked repos, WTF?

    Use this tool at your own risk, I'm not responsible for missing forked repos since that is what this tool does, delete all forked repos. It was built to clean out any and all forks from the token provided's account.

  • What happens to my token after your done?

    We were going to revoke it using the GitHub API but instead we'll let you delete the token (just incase it's being used elsewhere) and forget this ever happened.

  • I want to see filters/options or be able to select the repos I want deleted?

    Please getting in touch.

  • What about DCMA Takedown Policy repos?

    There is no way to delete repositories that are unavailable due to DMCA Takedown Policy but to contact GitHub manually for help.

Are you sure?

Are you sure you want to delete all your forked repos?
Last chance to turn back..

Please remember we are not responsible for missing data because you didn't understand what this service does.